TWN (The Weekly News) was founded in August of 1977 by volunteers working in the campaign against the forces of Anita Bryant (who successfully sought to repeal the first pro-gay human rights ordinance passed in Dade County).



Just read a copy of your piece on [Rosa Lindahl’s July 6] ordination. Great! (See June 30 issue at

As an indication of the Bishop’s inclusiveness, I’ve been asked by Ms. Rosa Lindahl Mallow to serve as chaplain (ceremonial attendant) to Bishop Frade during the ordination service – something I’ve done before.

I’m a gay, partnered, retired priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut and am licensed to officiate here by Bishop Frade. (Licenses for clergy canonically resident elsewhere are annually renewed, at the bishop’s pleasure). Bishop Frade has been a luncheon guest in our home in suburban West Palm Beach. Moreover, I was licensed by his predecessor (a seminary classmate of mine) for many years.

The bishop is also fully aware that I’m a chaplain to Integrity-Palm Beach ( and that in October my partner, Bob, and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary with a special public service at New York City’s (Episcopal) Cathedral of St. John the Divine: (We were the first to register as domestic partners when West Palm Beach enacted its provision.)

While Churches wrestle with gay issues at national and regional levels, many of us have been living within church structures for many years. During my 40-plus years as an ordained man, I’ve never had any flack about being gay and partnered, and I have been very outspoken that total sexual abstinence is not only the most abnormal and unnatural circumstance, but that it’s very likely to make one very cranky! We have always been selectively out, and now totally so.

aka The Rev. Canon Dr. Richard T. Nolan, retired



I write this with great gratitude for your support of “gay Christians” in our church community. I am the organist/choir director at St. Andrew’s in Lake Worth. Your love, tolerance, and acceptance has aided me to love, tolerate and accept the person that God through genetics, environmental circumstances, and life’s experiences has brought me to at this time of my life. As a young male I hid and denied my sexuality, slithering into a lifestyle of immorality. This was offensive to my spiritual, emotional and physical well being to say the least.

At St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church under yours, Bishop Frade, and Father William Hamilton’s courageous shepherding, I am healing, and lovingly developing a Christian spirituality, an abundant, moral, ethical, and wholesome life promised by my Savior.

Thank you Episcopal Church USA. Thank you Bishop Frade. Thank you St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Thank you Father Bill. Thank you Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Lake Worth

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