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Photo Album 1

Bishop Leo Frade (Sept. 14, 2002)

l-r Fr. Hamilton, Bp. Frade, Canon Nolan
Deacon Pat Masterman
Bp. Frade speaking at supper
Bishop Frade and Amy

John Clinton Bradley
Vice-President, Southeast Region of Integrity, USA
Preacher at the Service and Presenter at Integrity - Palm Beach
Oct. 12, 2002
(photo at Benny's, Lake Worth, Oct. 13)

Lambda Legal
Charles B. Green of the National Leadership Council of Lambda Legal
informs the Integrity fellowship about its mission, achievements, and plans
November 9, 2002
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Photo Album 2

The Rt. Rev. James H. Ottley, D.D. was the celebrant and preacher on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2002.
Currently Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida,
Bishop Ottley is former Anglican Observer at the United Nations and former Bishop of Panama.

The Rev. Paul A. Rasmus (March 8, 2003, March 26, 2005 and Oct. 8, 2005)
Scott Fox, Development Coordinator, Compass, Inc. of West Palm Beach May 10, 2003

l-r: Scott Fox, Tony Plakas (Executor Director, Compass, Inc.), Jamie Foreman (President of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council -
May 10, 2003
The Rev. Catherine S. Gibson, first woman to be ordained to the priesthood in the Scottish Episcopal Church,
was the Celebrant on June 14, 2003. She and her husband Jim returned to Scotland shortly afterwards.

The Rev. Frederick J. Masterman
(September 13, 2003; October 9, 2004; February 12, 2005)
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Photo Album 3

The Rev. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lippart of the Diocese of Northern Michigan and, seasonally, Fort Lauderdale, were celebrant/preacher (Tom) and Presenters (Peg and Tom) at supper on Dec. 13, 2003. On April 9, 2005, Tom was the celebrant/preacher/presenter.

On Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004, parishioners and community visitors gathered after the 6 P.M. Service for the one-hour Forum "The Chosen People: Judaism - The Religion of Jesus." The Forum series "Understanding Christianity" meets monthly on the third Saturday. Leaders of the Forum have included Deacon Patricia Masterman, Canon Richard T. Nolan, and F.A.U. history professor/author Dr. Benno P. Lowe.

Roberta S. Clark, Associate Director, Palm Beach Region of the Anti-Defamation League, who provided a spirited address "The Mission and Purpose of the Anti-Defamation League" (July 10, 2004)

Robert Pigott, religious affairs correspondent for the British Broadcasting Company, England, spoke to the congregation before the Service on Oct. 9, 2004, and directed the video taping of portions of the Service and the Integrity gathering afterwards. He interviewed several individuals, as well as earlier in the afternoon Canon Nolan and Bob Pingpank in their home. The occasion was a BBC project on the state of the Episcopal Church after Bishop Robinson's consecration.

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Photo Album 4

Margot Emery and guest presenter Mark Alexander, Manager of the Duncan Theatre of Palm Beach Community College
(December 11, 2004)

Bruce Conlin (left) presents to St. Andrew’s an engraved glass chalice and paten – a handmade Galway Irish Crystal Communion Set - imported from Ireland. P. Vance Oden (Integrity Convener) and Fr. William Hamilton (rector and a chaplain to Integrity) receive the gift with delight and appreciation. Mr. Conlin had the Chalice etched to read, “Integrity St. Andrew’s, The Cup of Salvation” and the Paten, “Integrity St. Andrew’s, The Bread of Heaven.”  His gift was given in thanksgiving for the Integrity ministry, and he wishes it to be used for any Communion service at the discretion of the Celebrant. (December 11, 2004)
The Rev. B. Patricia Masterman comments on her pilgrimage to a bachelor's degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University conferred the very morning of the December 11, 2004, Integrity gathering. Deacon Pat is a mother, grandmother, and Palm Beach County employee. She also serves St. Andrew's in many ways - including Integrity as a chaplain.
Integrity-Palm Beach presented Deacon Pat with a graduation gift.

Lake Worth artisans John Cutrone (l) and Seth Thompson (r) in front of a display for their Integrity presentation "Convivio Bookworks: Making Books by Hand in Lake Worth" (Jan. 8, 2005) Please visit www.conviviobookworks.com.
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Photo Album 5

Fr. Roger Allee addresses the Integrity supper on "Living Faithfully in a Secular World: Christianity and Politics" (March 12, 2005)

Lake Worth Commissioner Nadine Burns underscores Fr. Roger Allee's presentation by citing her political priorities and responsibilities as grounded in her faith as a Christian. (March 12, 2005)

Deacon Pat and Fr. Roger (March 12, 2005)

Mark (crucifer) leading the procession (April 9, 2005)

Fr. Tom Lippart celebrating, Deacon Pat Masterman on his right, and Chalice Bearer John Vivian on his left (April 9, 2005)
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Photo Album 6

Herb Steer's anecdotal and insightful presentation
"On His Majesty's Personal Service" was a hit on May 14, 2005.
Herb, senior member of Integrity-Palm Beach, was valet to King George VI.

The Rev. Donna Hall, Assisting Priest, Church of the Holy Spirit, West Palm Beach, celebrant, preacher, and Integrity presenter on June 11, 2005


The Rev. Dr. Robert B. Gronlund
(Lutheran pastor AND Episcopalian)
preached and provided the
"Twenty Minute Presentation"
on July 9, 2005.


<% case "album7" %> Photo Album 7

Integrity members were well represented at the
parish Art Show/Sale (July 24, 2005)
<% case "album8" %> Photo Album 8

“JUST A FEW POINTERS” (Dec. 10, 2005)

on the occasion of Fr. Hamilton’s pre-retirement, final Eucharist with Integrity-Palm Beach

Integrity-Palm Beach convener P. Vance Oden reads the
Chaplain Emeritus designation to Fr. Hamilton and the nearly
60 people on hand for the pot luck supper.
(Dec. 10 2005)
Click the image to view the full size file
Deacon Patricia Masterman displays the Waterford Hurricane Lamp presented to
Integrity-Palm Beach by member Bruce Conlin (Dec. 10, 2005) In his presentation,
Bruce mentioned the suitability of a "hurricane" lamp, given our recent storms.
The candle will beautify many Saturday evening Services.
Bruce Conlin relates the Waterford Lamp to the evening's Gospel concerning "light."
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Photo Album 9

With 86 people on hand at the preceding Service, the (March 11, 2006) Integrity-Palm Beach supper included a fund raiser for "Our Little Roses Ministries" - whose President Dr. Diana Frade, accompanied by her spouse Bishop Leo Frade (Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida), preached at the Service and spoke passionately about this ministry at the supper. The parish hall was full, and the fund raiser gathered about $3600. Please visit www.ourlittleroses.org.
Canon Nolan and Dr. Frade
Deacon Pat Masterman (an Integrity-Palm Beach Chaplain),
Bishop Frade and Dr. Frade
Dr. Frade (far right) addressing the supper.
(About a half to a third of the supper gathering is shown here.)
facing camera (l to r): Canon Nolan, Senior Warden Barbara Richardson, Dr. Frade back to camera (l to r): Bob Pingpank (Canon Nolan's partner), Paul Richardson (Barbara's spouse), and Bishop Frade
Dr. Frade addressing the Integrity supper gathering - a reflective pause
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Photo Album 10

Continuation of Previous Album
Deacon Pat, Bishop Frade, Dr. Frade
Margot and Deacon Pat share their significant birthday at the March 2006 Integrity supper
Roy and Peter
Integrity-Palm Beach Convener Vance Oden
Partners Larry and Gordon with senior Integrity-Palm Beach member Herb between them
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Photo Album 11

Fr. William Stomski of St. Joseph School, Boynton Beach, celebrant and preacher at a special (adapted) Celtic Eucharist (March 18, 2006)
Mark and Margot at the Celtic Service
PrideFest parade 2006 Deacon Pat as a Grand Marshal
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Photo Album 12

The Eve of Palm Sunday at St. Andrew's (April 8, 2006); additionally celebrating the Ministry of Deacons

Herb Steer reads the First Lesson on the Eve before Palm Sunday.
Bob Pingpank chats with Prof. Douglas Cornwell of Palm Beach Community College, who had just spoken about genealogy - " Star Lore: The Family Saga Continues."
(Aug. 12, 2006)
Nicole Leidesdorf, President of Compass, shared information on " Compass and the Community" (September 9, 2006)
See Links for Compass website.
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Photo Album 13

5th Anniversary of Integrity-Palm Beach (Oct. 14, 2005)
Convener Margot Emery presents Founding Convener Vance Oden with a certificate naming him "Founding Convener Emeritus" and a Spanish Book of Common Prayer. In recent years, Vance has become fluent in Spanish  and frequently visits Spanish speaking locales outside the USA.
Lake Worth City Commissioner Nadine Burns, a St. Andrew's parishioner, commented on her hope that Compass (the major LGBT social service agency in the region) will move from its current West Palm Beach building to a much larger building becoming available in Lake Worth. She then introduced Compass Events coordinator Mike Zewe (to her right), who filled in the group with additional information.
Mike Zewe
St. Andrew's interim rector Paul A. Rasmus and a chaplain of Integrity-Palm Beach leads an exploration of the future of St. Andrew's.
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Photo Album 14

The Ven. Mary Gray-Reeves, Diocesan Archdeacon Celebrant, Preacher and Supper Presenter (Nov. 11, 2006)
Bruce Conlin presents to Convener Margot Emery a custom made stained glass window with an etched Bible verse and "Integrity 2006." (Dec. 9, 2006)
62 were on hand on Dec. 9th for the monthly Integrity-Palm Beach fellowship; photo is a partial shot of the parish hall.
During the December Service before Integrity, the dramatized Gospel/sermon written by Margot Emery vividly conveyed the Christmas message.
Fr. Paul provides the "Twenty-Minute Presentation" at the January 2007 Integrity gathering.
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Photo Album 15

Pride Fest
St. Andrew's parade float
Chief float architect Terry with float

Parish Booth
visitor inspects parish booth staffed by Laurel, Tommy, and Carla 

Metropolitan Community Church
Metropolitan Community Church was among other faith communities represented in the parade and among the booths.

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Photo Album 16

Sept. 8, 2007
Integrity-Palm Beach Founder P. Vance Oden was given a "Farewell" party as he leaves to live in Mexico.

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Photo Album 17

The Rt. Rev. Calvin O. Schofield, retired Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida, celebrated the Eucharist and preached as well as addressed the group of nearly 60 at the pot luck supper. Convener Margot Emery hosted the evening. Also speaking briefly was The Rev. Paul A. Rasmus, Rector of St. Andrew's and a chaplain of Integrity-Palm Beach. (January 12, 2008)
(photographer John Robuck for the Integrity collage)

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Photo Album 18

February 9, 2008 - Preacher and Supper Speaker:
The Very Reverend Dr. John R. Kevern, Dean and President of Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary (Ohio)

[photos by John Robuck]

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Photo Album 19

March 2, 2008
PrideFest 2008

announcement in the PrideFest booklet

St. Andrew's PrideFest Booth L to R: Ray, Kimelah, Fr. Paul

display and handouts at our booth

L to R: Fr. Paul, Ray, Bob, Dick (munching his diabetic diet snack)

St. Andrew's in the parade (photo by Charlie Frederickson).

some of St. Andrew's parade folks

L to R: Lee, Dave (seated) and his partner Steve

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Photo Album 20

March 8, 2008

Our speaker and preacher for the March 8th meeting was the Rev. Lynn Batista, Elder of Calvary United Methodist Church, our neighbor.

Listening with undivided attention.

Always worth waiting for!

November 8, 2008

Nov. 8, 2008 - Canon Nolan comments briefly after a standing applause.
Convener Margot Emery had announced that he would be retiring from all ordained responsibilities at St. Andrew's,
effective with his final Service on Saturday, Dec. 27th (for health reasons). He will remain "Retired Priest-in-Residence" in the parish.

Dick Nolan and Bob Pingpank are among the founding members of Integrity-Palm Beach.
Both age 71 and partners since 1955, they plan to attend their 50th class reunion at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, in June (2009);
they will marry on the College campus - where they began their life together! (Please visit www.nolan-pingpank.com).

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Photo Album 21

March 14, 2009
Praying with Icons

The Rev. Brad Lutz, pastor of Union Congregational - United Church of Christ in West Palm Beach. His presentation was "Praying with Icons."

Deacon Pat Masterman, Pastor Lutz, Convener Margot Emery

June 13, 2009

Emily Small, Director of PEACE

July 11, 2009
Integrity Presentation

The Rev. James Reho of Trinity Cathedral, Miami, spoke at our Integrity meeting & potluck dinner.
The title of his talk: "Authentic Spiritual Practice in a Pluralistic Age."

Christmas 2009

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Photo Album 22

March 2010
PrideFest Parade
photos by John Robuck

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